University College Oxford

With apologies to Cordelia Jones (the images are taken from her very gorgeous animations of the Oxford colleges), and to University College (whose website gives you the proper story).
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University College is Oxford's oldest - and in the early 1600s it was also one of the poorest. However an influential Master, John Bancroft, changed its fortunes rather dramatically.

In early 1634, eminent mason Richard Maude was sacked by St. John's College and Bancroft hired him, and set him to work on the new West Range. Maude used stone intended for St. John's. As you can see, it is a tasteful shade of grey - quite the rage at the time.

In 1635 parts of the West Range were ready for habitation, to the great relief of the long-suffering undergraduates. Demolition of the old North Range commenced - disturbing the vampire bats in the gate tower, which became such a menace that large quantities of garlic had to be worn at all times. The smell was dreadful.

In early 1637 the West Range was finally completed and a Grand Opening was held. The whole town admired the numerous modern features. The old gate Tower was finally demolished and the bats banished. The sky was dark for several hours as they flew eastward en masse.

In 1639 building work ended with the North Range substantially complete. The Civil War broke out two years later. The College (being Royalist) hit hard times again - until the Restoration in 1660.

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