WELCOME to the web site of Bob Hughes, writer and campaigner on matters of wealth-inequality.

I'm a founder-member of the UK's No One Is Illegal group, which campaigns for total abolition of immigration controls (i.e., for poor and non-'white' people, as well as the rich ones who, like the mice in The Tailor of Gloucester, can already go wherever they like). I'm the author of "Dust or Magic" (published in 2000; a book about computer-based media and its working culture). I retired from the excellent department of publishing at Oxford Brookes University in 2012, but remain an associate.

I am now working on a book about inequality and technology, and what an equal world might be like, for publication by Pluto Books. Some of these writings give a foretaste:

These are two campaigns I'm involved in: No-One Is Illegal - which campaigns for the abolition of immigration controls - and The Campaign to Close Down Campsfield. Campsfield, just north of Oxford, is one of Europe's spreading "Gulag Archipelago" of prisons for immigrants).

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Friday, 31 January 2014

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