WELCOME to the web site of Bob Hughes, author of The Bleeding Edge: why technology turns toxic in an unequal world (New Internationalist, 2016), which argues that our present ecological crisis is caused by social inequality, and won't be resolved till we call time on inequality and all the institutions and belief systems built on it.

It uses the present economic order's prize exhibit, the computer, to prove the case.

The book's had some brilliant reviews. A sample section in pdf form is downloadable here. And here's a shortish article ("Blinded by Technology") that puts the argument in a nutshell. So please dig in. And if you're excited by it, please spread the word - e.g. via Goodreads.

I intend putting further inflammatory material here in due course, but toddler-minding and scything seem to be getting in the way lately (I now live in France, surrounded by rampant vegetation and surrogate grand-baby) but I'll do my best.

Meanwhile, here's a bit of prehistory, and some links to earlier stuff, which you might find entertaining.

I'm a founder-member of the UK's No One Is Illegal group, which campaigns for total abolition of immigration controls (i.e., for poor and non-'white' people, as well as the rich ones who, like the mice in The Tailor of Gloucester, can already go wherever they like). I'm the author of "Dust or Magic" (published in 2000; a book about computer-based media and its working culture). I retired from the excellent department of publishing at Oxford Brookes University in 2012, but remain an associate.

I am now working on a book about inequality and technology, and what an equal world might be like, for publication by Pluto Books. Some of these writings give a foretaste:

These are two campaigns I'm involved in: No-One Is Illegal - which campaigns for the abolition of immigration controls - and The Campaign to Close Down Campsfield. Campsfield, just north of Oxford, is one of Europe's spreading "Gulag Archipelago" of prisons for immigrants).

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Friday, 31 January 2014

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